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MinifigurePacks: Lego® Harry Potter Bundle "Hippogriff 'Buckbeak' & Harry Potter"


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BUNDLE INCLUDES: "(1) Hippogriff 'Buckbeak'" "(1) Harry Potter Figure" As Shown. Released by LEGO® during 2004 in 2 Sets.

FOUND IN: The Following Sets: 4753 Sirius Black's Escape, 4750 Draco's Encounter with Buckbeak

THE BACK STORY: When Hagrid presented Buckbeak to the third years in his first Care of Magical Creatures class, Draco Malfoy insulted Buckbeak, who instantly attacked him with his razor-sharp claws. Enraged, Malfoy pretended to be injured for three months. Malfoy's father, Lucius Malfoy, furious about the attack on his son, demanded Buckbeak executed. However, thanks to a Time-Turner of Hermione Granger's, she and Harry Potter rescued Buckbeak from his terrible fate. Later, after Sirius Black said good-bye to Harry, he flew away on Buckbeak. After Sirius was killed by Bellatrix Lestrange, he lived with Hagrid under the name of Witherwings. In the battle of Hogwarts, Hagrid slammed Walden Macnair into a wall as punishment for trying to kill Buckbeak.

HOW LEGO® MAKES CHILDREN SMARTER: Lego combines science and mathematics concepts with soft skills, such as creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills, boosting 21st century learning skills. Children can create any models based on their imagination and re-build their models as many times as they like, which is what motivates them to keep trying new things. LEGO® engages children by doing different things, so they are learning without realizing they are learning.


  • Bundle Includes "(1) Hippogriff 'Buckbeak'" "(1) Harry Potter Figure"
  • Released by LEGO® during 2004 in 2 Sets
  • Found in the Following Sets: 4753 Sirius Black's Escape, 4750 Draco's Encounter with Buckbeak
  • LEGO® Code: BUCKBEAKC01 / Color: LBGray - DBGray / Condition: New
  • Buckbeak is an animal in the Harry Potter theme. He is a gray Hippogriff who was once cared for by Rubeus Hagrid.

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