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MinifigurePacks: Lego® Indiana Jones Bundle "JOCK" (IAJ008)


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BUNDLE INCLUDES: 1-Figure Display Base / 1-Jock Figure / 1-Figure Accessory's As Shown. The Lego "Jock" was released by Lego in 2009 and is found in the following Lego Theme: IndianaJones - (1)

FOUND IN: The following Set: 7623 Temple Escape 

FIGURE DETAILS: He has Tan Legs, and printed blue shirt designed to be a jacket with the text "AIR PIRATES" printed on the back of his torso, a standard minifigure face with smile and black ballcap. 

THE BACK STORY: Jock is a pilot. He helped Indiana Jones escape the Hovitos tribesman. One of his Pastimes is fishing and he owns a pet Snake named Reggie.

HOW LEGO® MAKES CHILDREN SMARTER: Lego combines science and mathematics concepts with soft skills, such as creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills, boosting 21st century learning skills. Children can create any models based on their imagination and re-build their models as many times as they like, which is what motivates them to keep trying new things. LEGO® engages children by doing different things, so they are learning without realizing they are learning.


  • Bundle Includes 1-Figure Display Base / 1-Jock Figure / 1-Figure Accessory "12L Rod"
  • Released by LEGO® during 2008 in 1 Set
  • Found in the following Set: 7623 Temple Escape
  • LEGO® Code: IAJ008 / Color: Printed Pattern / Condition: New
  • Jock Lindsey is a pilot who helped Indiana Jones escape from the Hovitos in Raiders of the Lost Ark. He has only appeared in one set, 7623 Temple Escape.

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