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MinifigurePacks: Lego® Pirates Bundle "(1) GOVERNOR'S DAUGHTER" "(1) FIGURE DISPLAY BASE" "(1) FIGURE ACCESSORIES"


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Bundle Includes 1-Figure Display Base / 1-Governor's Daughter Figure / 1-Figure Accessory's As Shown. The Lego Governor's Daughter was released by Lego in 2010 and is found in the following Lego Set: Pirates (1).......The Governor's Daughter is the daughter of the admiral of the Imperial Flagship. She wears a blue jacket over the top of a white shirt. Not to be confused with the Admiral's Daughter, which is another female character in the Pirates line, she is so far only available in the 10210 Imperial Flagship. Notes: The Governor's Daughter has a reversible head. She has a dress piece (steep 2x2 slope); that is blue with one with golden print at the front with blue ornaments.
Found in: 10210 Imperial Flagship

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