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MinifigurePacks: Lego Scooby-Doo Gang Bundle (1) Shaggy Minifigure (1) Scooby-Doo Minifigure (1) Figure Display Base (2) Figure Accessory's (Hot Dog - Scooby Snack)


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BUNDLE INCLUDES: (1) Shaggy (1) Scooby-Doo (1) Figure Display Base (2) Figure Accessory's (Hot Dog - Scooby Snack) As Shown. Released by LEGO® in 2015 in 3 Sets
FOUND IN: the Following Set: 75900 Mummy Museum Mystery, 75901 Mystery Plane Adventures
FIGURE DETAILS: Shaggy, along with Scooby-Doo, appears in every set released in the theme up to date. He has a new medium nougat hairpiece. He has a shaggy fringe and sideburns which gives him the nickname "Shaggy". Shaggy wears new dark red trousers.
THE BACK STORY: Like, Shaggy might be the hungriest, goofiest, most-fearful member of the group, but the bond he shares with Scooby-Doo sees him through thick and thin. He might run at the first sign of danger, but when it comes to helping his friends, he’s always ready to step in! Although Shaggy’s main talent is snacking, he also has a special gift: he is a renowned ventriloquist, and he has used this special ability on more than one occasion to get Mystery Inc. out of sticky situations!
HOW LEGO® MAKES CHILDREN SMARTER: Lego combines science and mathematics concepts with soft skills, such as creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork and communication skills, boosting 21st century learning skills. Children can create any models based on their imagination and re-build their models as many times as they like, which is what motivates them to keep trying new things. LEGO® engages children by doing different things, so they are learning without realizing they are learning.

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